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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I was born in Cincinnati, OH, raised in the suburbs (Liberty Township area). Lexington, KY is my current home while I am pursuing a dual degree in Business Marketing and Finance from the University of Kentucky. After school I would like to expand into other ventures and ultimately own multiple small businesses.

Elk Lake Marina LLC

I started Elk Lake Marina LLC when I was sixteen years old. Selling t-shirts out of the front room of my parents' lake house. Our brick & mortar store is now located at Elk Lake, in Owenton, KY and I have five awesome employees, including my little brother who has been a godsend since I've been gone more because of school. This lit the entrepreneurial spirit in me and I've never looked back. It also has made me believe one fact is true: if you find something that you love to do, you won't mind working and you might even love it.

Elk Lake.

My favorite place in the entire world, located in the small town of Owenton, KY. It's where I've spent every summer. I call it my true home, the place I was raised and that I will always go back to. I was raised there along with my little brother and three cousins. I accredit Elk Lake for making us such a tight knit group of five. It taught me to stay active, have fun, and as I've gotten older and busier is the place that I go to relax. I love to be on the water, in a boat, or behind it water skiing.

I believe that health and fitness, because we live in the real world, is all about balance. You might eat a cookie, but you had a salad for lunch, and that is okay! As I've gotten older, I try to take better care of my body and am always looking for ways to keep myself healthy. However, I have to find ways to do it that are easy, convenient, and doable with a busy schedule. I love to cook and bake so to me there is nothing better than sitting around a table with friends eating good food.

I caught the travel bug while in Spain visiting family when I was fifteen. I went to Italy in the Spring of 2018 and Greece is next on my list. I love planning the trips, seeing beautiful new places while I'm there, eating good food, and taking notes about what I loved for when I go back or for a friend that goes after me.

Having so much going on is crazy but rewarding! Finding a way to balance it all and still have fun was one of my hardest growing pains!

Much love,


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We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished already. Great things come to those who have great expectations and strive to make a difference. Congratulations on your business and best of luck with all that’s ahead of you. You have a wonderful future to look forward too, follow your dreams!❤️


Aunt Joyce and Uncle Mike

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