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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

2018 brought me success, joy & growth that I couldn't even imagine. (Yes, cheesy, I know)

I gained two godchildren. Two people who have been added to the top of my prayer list every night. Two little people in this world who I get to be the "fun aunt" to. Two special babies who's parents CHOOSE me to be a part of their children's lives. I look forward to watching them grow, I can't wait to see the mark they leave on this world!

Elk Lake, a place that my appreciation only grows for. I feel especially thankful for my lake family and the community that surrounds me. The fun that I get to have with them and the love that they show me. It's something most don't get from people who started out as complete strangers. I am already counting down the days till next summer.

In terms of Elk Lake Marina LLC, this summer brought a lot of changes. It was the first summer of me delegating tasks at Elk Lake Marina. The fall brought the launch of this website, our college gear, and our boutique clothing. The leaps I took this fall in growing my business could have just as easily failed instead of succeeding. I'm grateful for the pride I see in my grandfather's (the entrepreneur) eyes, showing me that I'm headed down the right path. I'm grateful for the support I've had from anyone who purchased items from my store and especially for my UA girlies who pushed me to start marketing my college apparel over a year ago.

High School, in May I graduated from Ursuline Academy. A graduation that tore me away from the lake on one of the busiest weekends of the year, memorial day weekend. I didn't want to go, my mother made me. However, I'm grateful for the experiences Ursuline gave me. And even more so after going back for a reunion with my class over Christmas break, I'm grateful for the relationships it gave me. Girls who voice how proud of me they are, who say "hey I checked out your website, what you are doing is amazing!" or, "I read your blog" or even in high school would say "You are going to make something of yourself!" They are girls that will always have my back and support me.

College, August brought move in at the University of Kentucky. After less than two weeks in the mechanical engineering program I realized I couldn't care less how or why a light bulb turns on. I had planned to get my mechanical engineering degree, followed by my MBA so that I could be on the business side. I was shocked that when I told my parents I would be switching to Business Marketing & Finance instead of being mad their response was "it's about time" not exactly what you would expect from someone who has multiple engineers in their family. But a needed voice of support for the sudden change that I was making.

I traveled, including a trip to San Diego (my first time on the west coast) for baby James's baptism. I crashed my grandparents trip to Florida and got to enjoy some time with them. And I spent two weeks in Italy with my mom celebrating my high school graduation.

Over a trip to Italy with my mom, we became more of best friends than mother-child. The older you get, the more fun your mom is. Or at least in my situation that has been the case. I look forward to even more fun with her in the future. My biggest cheerleader, my favorite travel buddy, and my confidante. Things are only going up from here momma!

This years holiday season brought me time with family that I don't think I even realized how much I have missed since being away. It brought me cousin time and time with my grandparent. It brought me nights of watching hallmark movies with my mom. I made Christmas cookies with my grandma, missing Mamaw the whole time. Christmas brought another round of green bag and as we all get older you would think the holidays would mean less, but they actually mean more as we all gather together.

While these are just some of the highlights of my year. I reflect and can't even imagine what 2019 will bring. Thanks to all who have been apart of my life so far.

One of my goals for 2019 is to have an intentional positive impact on the lives of those around me.

Much Love,



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