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Lessons from Mamaw

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Lessons I learned from Mamaw. Today, less then a year since I sat holding her hand, today would be her birthday. She would be 100. Mamaw was my person, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss the good morning texts from her and the thirty minute phone calls on my drive home from school. If I needed advice, she was the first place I went. In honor of her, here are some of the lessons she taught me.

From the woman who taught me how to live & how to die.

1.) Love unconditionally

2.) Never judge

3.) Age gracefully

4.) Have friends of all ages, if you do this you will never be alone

5.) Always tell the truth

6.) (dating advice) Never cheat

7.) (dating advice) Always be a lady

8.) Find an honest man

9.) Find a kind man

10.) it's not the most important thing, but good looks sure is a bonus

11.) "Sometimes you just have a slip up & you do things you wouldn't normally do & that's okay"

12.) one glass of wine is good for you

13.) you gotta know when to hold em'

14.) & know when to fold em'

15.) Win gracefully,

16.) but if you're playing cards with family you gotta rub it in their faces a little bit

17.) patience is an important virtue

18.) if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all

19.) laugh at yourself

20.) say yes to everything

21.) a cookie with your coffee in the morning is absolutely acceptable

22.) never hold anyone else back

23.) don't be afraid to try new things

24.) reading is important to keep the mind sharp

25.) if you want to age and stay with it you have to adapt

26.) find the good in any situation

27.) no-one likes a complainer, so don't be one

28.) you aren't better than anyone else

29.) never be afraid to be you

30.) don't ever be afraid to love

31.) give a hug when you say goodbye

32.) expect nothing from anyone

33.) family is everything

34.) do not look down on anyone.

35.) bring more to the table than you take

36.) find the good in everyone

How to live & how to die.

Mamaw I miss you everyday, but the lessons you taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life, they impact the way that I choose to live everyday. They impact the person I am not and one that I want to become. There's a beautiful story that goes with each of these lesson, most filled with laughter, love and wine.

Much Love,




What a beautiful tribute to your awesome mawmaw!

Sounds like we all could have learned some great life lessons from her!

I can only imagine how proud she was of you! 💕

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